End of Year Reports

End of Year Reports

End of Year Reports are here! ALL Pastors and Church leaders, please take the time to get these completed as this information is necessary for General Conference, and administration of the Heartland Conference.

The deadline to complete End of Year Reports is Friday, Feb. 16.
We truly appreciate your attention to this date and getting them finalized.

Please note, we only need 1 report per church filled out.

Please click the button below to access the submission form.

Information Needed for EOY Reports

Below you will find the information needed for End of Year Reports so you can gather the required information prior to filling out the form.

1. Church name, District, physical address, mailing address, phone number, email, website, church worship time, and names of other churches in your charge if any.

2. Total Membership, Average Worship Attendance in-person, Average Worship attendance online, General Operating Income for 2023, Professions of Faith in 2023, Baptisms in 2023, and youth confirmed in 2023

3. Number of pastors at the church and whether they are full time, 1/2 time, etc. as well as their contact information. Please note if a church has more than one pastor, you will be asked to upload an excel spreadsheet with each pastors name, phone number, email and full time/half time, etc status.

4. Pastors Report outlining: 1. Ministries and programs offered by your congregation for reaching out to the community with the Good News of Jesus Christ. 2. What are you celebrating from this last year of ministry? 3. What have been the struggles of the last year of ministry? 4. Where have you experienced God in the life of the congregation?

5. Are you operating in concurrence with the TBD&D, and are you compliant with Ministry Safe? Have you fulfilled your connectional funding obligations for 2023?

6. 2024 Clergy Comp Sheet as approved by the Charge Conference

7. Names and Contact information (email and phone) of all primary elected leaders (Trustee, SPRC, Finance chair, lay leader, lay member to annual conference, etc). Has your church approved any candidates for ministry? Do you have any Certified Lay Ministers in your congregation, and if so their names and contact information.

8. A photo of your church for the Heartland Website