Prayer in the Heartland

The Heartland prayer team has set forth a vision that our conference and churches would become houses of prayer (Isaiah 56:7, Matthew 23:12, Mark 11:17, and Luke 19:46). We encourage every individual, local church, and ministry to commit themselves to be a people of prayer.

Monthly Prayer Calls

The Heartland Conference gathers for prayer via zoom on the second Tuesday of every month.  We invite you to join us!

John Wesley's Covenant Prayer
John Wesley's Covenant Prayer

Download and pray this foundational prayer from John Wesley, the co-founder of Methodism. The prayer points to deep surrender of ourselves in complete trust to God.

Prayer Resources (Books, Websites, Apps)
Prayer Resources (Books, Websites, Apps)

The Heartland GMC Prayer Team has compiled this list of books, websites and apps to aid you in your prayer journey. Enhance your prayer life and spiritual journey with these invaluable tools and join us in the transformative power of prayer.



Lifeway Psalms by Theme Resource
Lifeway "Psalms by Theme" Resource

The Lifeway “Psalms by Theme” resource offers insightful breakdown and practical applications to help readers engage deeply with the Psalms by genre, guiding them in understanding the ancient texts and applying their timeless wisdom to modern life. Through reflection prompts and historical context, it enriches the reader’s journey through the Psalms, fostering a deeper spiritual connection and appreciation for this treasured book of the Bible.


Suggested Prayers
Suggested Prayers

If you’d like inspiration or suggestions of prayers, we offer these by JD Walt of Seedbed.

Click for The Sower’s Creed by JD Walt
Click for Prayer by JD Walt