Mike Keating

Presiding Elder, SC Kansas District

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Mike was born into a large farming family in Liberal, Kansas.  After college he worked for 14 years in marketing, advertising, and aviation in Wichita, Kansas.  Finally responding to a call into full-time ministry, he was a United Methodist minister in western Kansas, appointed to 5 different charges over a span of 36 years. He is married to Gerri, his wife of 53 years, has two adult daughters, and their families, including seven grandchildren.  So in Mike’s family there are Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Z, and Alphas; all working to grow in the love of Jesus Christ through his bride, the church.
Favorite Scripture — “Instead, be filled with the Spirit,”  (Ephesians 5:18b, NIV)
Fun Fact — In my previous life (before appointed as a pastor), I was an airplane pilot, briefly employed as a corporate pilot; commercial, instrument, multi-engine, with 1500 hours.  The Lord said, “Turn loose of that and follow me.”