Annual Conference 2024


Annual Conference 2024


May 30 - June 1 | Christ's Community Church

Christ's Community Church, East 44th Street, Joplin, MO, USA

Mark your calendars for the 2024 Annual Conference for the Heartland! We plan to meet together for holy conferencing, powerful worship, and to choose those who will be representing the Heartland at General Conference in Costa Rica in September.

Lodging Options

The Annual Conference planning team has worked hard to secure multiple hotel blocks within 2 miles of our host church.  You can find a complete list of options and information on how to reserve a room here.

Airport & Transportation Options

Airport Options:

  1. Tulsa International Airport is approx. 1 hour 37 minutes to Joplin, MO straight down Interstate 44 (East)/Will Rogers Turnpike. Exit 8 is where hotels are located off of I-44. (Car Rental will be needed)
  2. Kansas City International Airport is appox. 2 hours 41 minutes to Joplin, MO (I-49) to I-44 to Exit 8 to hotels (Car Rental will be needed)
  3. Joplin Regional Airport is on north side of Joplin approx. 6 miles to S. Rangeline Road to hotels (Taxi, Uber)
  4. Springfield-Branson National Airport is approx. 1 hour 4 minutes to Joplin straight down Interstate 44 (West) to Exit 8 to hotels.
  5. Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport is approx.. 1 hour 7 minutes to Joplin straight down I-49 to I-44 to Exit 8 to hotels.

Transportation Options:

  1. Discount Ride, LLC – Keith Evans 417-313-2144
  2. Martin’s Taxi Service – 417-726-2010
  3. Harper Transit – 417-691-3425


Late Registration is now open.  Click here to Register.  Late Registration is due by May 26th.


Vendor Registration/ Sponsorship is now closed.  Thank you to everyone who has registered to be a Sponsor!


Senior Status Clergy

The Transitional Book of Doctrines and Discipline requires Senior Status Clergy who wish to be a voting member of annual conference, notify the Annual Conference Planning team 90 days prior to the session in order to vote.

If you are Senior Status Clergy and desire to attend and vote at Annual Conference this year, you must notify us no later than February 29th by filling out the form found here.

If you are Senior Status and actively appointed to a church, you automatically have a vote, and are not required to submit this request. If you are senior status and wish to attend Annual Conference without a vote, you are welcome to do so.

General Conference Delegate Elections

The Heartland PAC will be electing lay and clergy delegates to represent our area at the historic Convening General Conference in September in San Jose Costa Rica.

If you would like to be considered/included on the slate for annual conference, please click on the link

All nominations are due no later than April 15th.

Please note, at this time there is no budget to help general conference delegates with their travel and lodging costs for general conference. Our conference leadership is working to bring a plan to adjust the 2024 budget to include funds to help with some of the costs. However, each person who has prayerfully discerned being considered for this, needs to be prepared to cover all or some of the costs in case we are not able to raise the funds to help.

Who is eligible for Election to General Conference?


Any member of an approved Global Methodist Church who is a part of the Heartland PAC is eligible to run as a general conference delegate.


Paragraph 611.6 of the TBDD provides that “clergy delegates shall be members in full connection in good standing of the Global Methodist Church or its predecessors, who have served a minimum of two years preceding their election.” A clergy person is in full connection if he or she has been ordained as either a deacon or elder. There is no requirement that a deacon or elder be under appointment to be elected as a delegate to general conference. Thus, supply pastors, transitional local pastors, and valid elders or deacons (see paragraph 416.2 of the TBDD) would not be eligible to be elected as clergy delegates to the convening general conference. Senior clergy are eligible to be elected as delegates (see paragraph 418 of the TBDD).


Anyone desiring to be voted on as a delegate is required to fill out the nomination form to be on the official list of those being voted on at annual conference.

Who may vote for Delegates at Annual Conference?


All registered and approved lay members to annual conference are eligible to vote for laity. Each church/charge is authorized one lay member to annual conference per full-time appointed pastor.


All transitional local pastors (see paragraph 419.2b of the Transitional Book of Doctrines and Discipline (TBDD)), those approved to be ordained deacons or elders, and all deacons and elders under appointment are entitled to vote. Additionally, senior clergy, whether or not appointed, are eligible to vote provided that the requirements of paragraph 418 of the TBDD are met. Supply pastors are not eligible to vote (see paragraph 412 of the TBDD). Valid Elders and Deacons (those appointed while maintaining their affiliation with another denomination) are not eligible to vote (see paragraph 416.2 of the TBDD). Those who are approved as candidates for ordination are not eligible to vote.

How many delegates will the Heartland receive?

As of March 5th, the Heartland PAC has been allowed 10 Delegates.  5 Clergy Delegates and 5 Lay Delegates.

The second delegation allocation will be distributed around June 1.

Can I attend General Conference?

This is a historic moment in the Global Methodist Church, and we understand your desire to be a part of it!  It has been shared with us, the space in the conference center will be limited, and only registered attendees will be able to enter into the conference center.  Priority will be given to Delegates, volunteers and other designated individuals. We have been told it is likely not all alternates will be able to attend in person.  Given this, please do not buy plane tickets or make travel plans for general conference at this time.